Ontario Moped Laws

Ontario Moped Laws

Limited-Speed Motorcycles Definition

a motorcycle that can attain a rate of speed of more than 32 km/hr on level ground within a distance of 1.6 kilometres from a standing start and has a maximum attainable speed of 70 km/hr or less. It must have steering handlebars that are completely constrained from rotating in relation to the axle of only one wheel in contact with the ground and a minimum seat height, when the vehicle is unladen, of 650 millimetres. Limited Speed Motorcycles have a minimum wheel rim diameter of 250 millimetres and a minimum wheelbase of 1016 millimetres and a maximum engine displacement of 50 cubic centimetres or less.

Limited-Speed Motorcycles Operational laws

  • To operate these vehicles on a roadway a driver must hold the new restricted class M licence for limited-speed motorcycles and mopeds (Class M2 with L condition or M with L condition or a valid motorcycle licence (Class M1, M2 or M)
  • An approved motorcycle is mandatory for the operator
  • The vehicle must be insured, registered, and have a valid licence plate
  • Operators are permitted to carry passengers if they have a full license
  • Lmited speed motorcycles cannot operate on certain highways, like 400 series highways.

Motor-Assisted Bicycles (Moped) Definition

A motor-assisted bicycle, or moped, must be fitted with pedals that are operable at all times to propel the bicycle. The vehicle must weighs less than or equal to 55 kilograms and have no hand or foot operated clutch driven by the motor and transferring power to the driven wheel. If it has an internal combustion engine, its displacement cannot be more than 50 cubic centimetres, and it cannot operate at a speed greater than 50 km/hr on level ground within a distance of 2 km from a standing start.

Moped Operational laws

  • approved motorcycle helmet is required;
  • vehicle must be insured and registered and have a valid licence plate;
  • no passengers allowed;
  • they must meet federal safety standards for a limited speed motorcycle;
  • motor-assisted bicycles are not allowed to travel on 400 series highways.

A new, restricted class M licence for limited-speed motorcycle (LSM) and moped drivers was introduced on November 28, 2005. This new restricted class M licence has a condition that allows licence holders to drive limited-speed motorcycles and mopeds only.

Power-Assisted / Electric Bicycles

An electric bicycle is a bike that has steering handlebars and is equipped with pedals,is designed to be propelled primarily by muscular power and to travel on not more than three wheels, and has a motor that has a power output rating of 500W or less. The the motor must be electric and incapable of propelling the cycle at speed of 32km/h or greater on level ground, without pedaling.

Operational laws:

  • Operators must be 16 years of age or older
  • All operators must wear an approved bicycle helmet at all times
  • No driver's licence is required to operate an electric bicycle on the highway
  • No written test is required to operate an electric bicycle on the highway
  • No vehicle registration or plate required
  • There is no requirement for motor vehicle liability insurance.

Ontario Pilot Program

Ontario recently opened a pilot program for three years open to all Ontarians 16 years of age and older to test the new electric bicycle laws. For the duration of the pilot, electric bicycles will be treated as bicycles and must follow the same rules of the road as set out in the Highway Traffic Act that currently apply to cyclists.

Illegal Highway Vehicles

Electric and motorized scooters, pocket bikes, and Segways cannot be operated on any public highway.

Ontario Moped Petition

There is currently an online petition asking the government of Ontario to remove the requirements for mopeds to have pedals attached. They state that vehicles are being banned from the highways that would help improve the environment if they were able to be operated in the place of other motor vehicles. The petition to change the Ontario moped laws can be found here

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