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sport - by Amaa

I have a go ped and i loved it gor the first week....Then it got boriong.....And
it sucked cuz it is to expensive and a really bas deal ... I would suggest a
bicycle motor ... or moped... gopeds are 2 much maintence

mosquito - by josh

The mosquito looks great and durable. But after a few hours of owning it the
fork bent at around a nintey degree angle. we took it back to the dealer, they took
about a month to start working on it.  A day or two later the starter busted. We
contacted the company they agreed to exchange it for a brand new one. Like the first one
the gas cap wouldn`t fit on at all. This one lasted about three gas tanks before the
tire went flat, the rim had bent and the rear fork bent,it stopped starting and has
sat in my storage ever since.

Goped sport/red - by David Wilinsky

Well, I can`t say that i`m 100% satisfied with PMW`s innovative product, but I
can say that it is fun, and convienent, I use it for most of my transportation
needs, however, it has solid rubber tires and that gets very (VERY) annoying on
sidewalks, and streets are just dangerous concidering the inconciderate people there are
today.  But the goped is fun, I do not recommend it as a solid means of transportation,
if you hate attention, and inquires; then leave this message, a Go-ped will hurt
more than helped, on a 3 mile trip you will be asked at least twice about the goped.

( = earn cash for your opinions)

Blue/Sport - by Peter

I bought a Go-Ped ($419 plus $20 shipping) with my birthday money last summer...
i rode it for a while, it was great. For the first few weeks anyways! The piece of
sh*t just started going from 20mph to 3mph and making this sound like it was gasping
for air... I brought it into a near-by GoPed dealer and it took them about 2 weeks
to get the warranty to cover the new frame that i needed... i suppose the goped
collects dust in the frame and cloggs up... You would look at the GoPed and get all
excited and say cool! but sorry to burst your bubbles people its a VERY loud. People
will complain... and you can hear one from about 2 blocks away.. almost as loud as a
bus.. LITTERALLY. The Go Ped was the stupidest purchase i ever made! My God the thing
hurts your hands from all the bumps, sucks cruisin on the sidewalks.. you will fall
all the time... hit a 1 inch bump or more... h*ll that thing just falls right over
with the tiny solid rubber tires it has! all i can say is DONT BUY ANY GOPED, buy a
Moped or a Bicycle Motor, if you do buy a go ped i know you will regret it, and if u
own a go ped, u should know what i`m talkin about!

Sport - by Brian

Great scooter!! a lot of power and speed  (more than zappy that i used to own. 
i sold my zappy to get the go ped). my zappy`s brake never stopped screaching!!!!
very very annoying. go ped brake: cant even hear it.  my opinion gas over

Zappy - by Matt Rice

What a piece of total crap! They oughta` call it the Crappy. I rented a red one
in San Fran at their Hyde St. shop and rode on it for about an hour.

What I liked: Easy to Use, Stylish, Smooth and Quiet
What I didn`t like: SLOW!!!, Terrible brakes, hard to stand on for long riding
periods, front `shock`(i.e. handlebar folding shock) bent with me on it and hurt my back,
no speed control it was either on or off

Go-Ped X-Ped - by Matt Rice

I got my X-Ped on Christmas Day 1999. It is a remarkable machine, stock it would
pull my 200lbs. at 22 mph. Then I added the H.P. Carburetor, my God what a
difference, it now pulls 30mph and almost beats my dad`s well modified Bigfoot(H.P. Carb,
port&polished cylinder, big spindle). I am about to get a Solex because the X-Ped is illegal
for me to ride on the street (i`m too young).
 Gripes:Fast tire wear, not many miles per tank of gas

Buzz vs. Solar Scooter - by

I just received my Buzz by Huffy and I also own a Solar Scooter ( and a Zappy
which I gave away to my `extreme` brother who likes the harder to ride scooters) In
comparison, the Solar Scooter is a much better ride as it is quieter, smoother, balanced,
and has alot more power to it BUT the Solar Scooter is too heavy for a female like
me to lift and transport by myself, so I bought the Buzz.  The Buzz is a
wonderfully designed and even artistic looking scooter with art deco lines and fabulous
colors and is SUPER easy for a gal like me to lift and go BUT it makes noise, about
half the ride time of the Solar Scooter so I have to get an extra battery for extra
time and it is not as balanced and when I turn the rear wheel likes to spin out some
and worry me as I dont want to be tossed off at my middle age! LOL It also has an
annoying `beep` every three seconds when the battery is still HALF full and then it beeps
every second at 30% full....I dont know why they didnt just put a meter on it or
something because the beep is really bothersome to me when I am trying to enjoy a quiet
ride.All in all, the Solar Scooter is still #1 for balance, endurance, performance and
quiet.... BUT the Buzz is #1 for easy portability by a single person...female and is a
more artistic and has a fun functional fold up design and will do fine for taking to
events and bike trails IF you buy that extra battery for back up and stick it in the
back rack that comes with the Buzz...just be careful on the turns and balance good !
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