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Author:  steven
Date:  7/29/2001 10:20:55 PM
Subject:  custom mopeds
Hello everyone my name is steven and i customise mopeds.i started a fue years ago when my mom wouldnt let me get a dirtbike,so i snuck home a moped.i worked foy weeks to get it running just to have it stolen from me.i knew where it was but could get no help from the cops because i was told "theres a million of thoes dam things in this city and its not our problum to prove what is whos."stupid cop. so from that day on i made it a point to make everything or mine as radicly diffrent from anything out there.my current ride is a 71 honda exress that has been droped choped and streatched 6".the stock gass tank was scraped to make room for the tire.a fat bob motrecycle tank was welded in place in front of the seat motercycle style.its got a custon seat that flares back into the rear fender to cover the 4" wide tire.the handle bars are a set of custom made ape hangers with french bends.the front fork was streatched but i kept the stock front tire.i have a custom made fender that covers most of the tire chopper style.i also have a carb off a 125 dirtbike mounted on it.i also built a boost bottle that sits under the gass tank.it uses the extra carb pressure to fill the bottle.when the button is pushed i det a 20 second burst of power.i way 200 pounds and it hauls me around at 42mph but can reach 50 with the boost.i love the thing and have started anouther.im looking for anyone else that has tryed customosing mopeds to shair ideas with.

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