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Author:  Andrew
Date:  5/20/2001 1:55:41 AM
Subject:  Re: Honda Express headlight fix
I have tried the honda express headlight repair and i don't recommend it. while it is true that you can swap bulbs, you must first remove the old bulb, cut out some of the sheet metal so the new bulb will fit through, and then put in the new bulb the problem i have found is that the original bulb is much taller than any replacement bulbs i have have found, and that severely affects the focus of the light. the original bulb is tall so that the light source sits and the "focal point" of the convex reflective surface, which means that the headlight beam is in the proper focus. when you put in a shorter aftermarlet bulb, it does not sit a the correct position (the focal point) and thus the headlight beam is not at all focussed and you get this very wide beam that spreads out all over the place but is not very bright. you don't need a large, spread out beam - you need a small focussed one that is bright. for that reason, i have decided to cough up the $ and buy the factory headlight.

hope that helps.

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